power bank 2200mAh-Convenient for your life

Power Bank 2200mAh -Convenient for Your Life

power bank 2200mah

Heloideo 2200mAh power bank is a Y-shaped rechargeable treasure, compact and easy to use. It is also a 3 in 1 Dual USB Car Charger with 2200 MAh Power Bank. It can charge the rechargeable treasure in a short time. Car Charger-12-24V, be filled up in 2.5 hours, Micro USB-5V/1.8A, be filled up in 1.5 hours. In use, it can also meet most of the needs, USB-1:5V/1A, charge iPhone 7 to 75% in 1.6 hours, USB-2:5V/2.1A, charge iPhone 7 to 75% in 1 hour. The item size is 16*9.1*3.0cm. is light in weight and easy to carry.

power bank 2200mAh

It is the best gift

Heloideo 2200mAh power bank is a practical and popular product, which is a favorite gift for every customer.

Perfect for the days of loading shedding, these handy helpers give you electricity on the move, charge your phone on the way to a meeting or when you need to wait for all important calls.  


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