Huawei announced a lawsuit against the US government

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HELOIDEO power bank factory we could offer PD power bank and five in one power bank and customize power bank for Huawei smartphone and we are very glad to know this news that Huawei announced a lawsuit against the US government to challenge the compliance of Article 889 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2019 ("NDAA") with the Constitution. Huawei hopes to obtain the following remedies: The court found that the restrictions on Huawei in the NDAA were unconstitutional and issued a permanent injunction prohibiting the implementation of the restriction.


The US Congress has not been able to show us evidence supporting the sale of Huawei products. After trying to eliminate the doubts of some US lawmakers, Huawei has no choice but to challenge the law in court. The ban is not only illegal but also hurts Huawei and American consumers.

Huawei operates in more than 170 countries. As the world's leading technology provider, Huawei's responsibility is to comply with standards and manufacture safe devices. We have been fulfilling our responsibilities seriously. We have a good cybersecurity record for the past 30 years. Huawei has never been, and will not be implanted in the back door in the future. We also never allow others to do this on our devices.

The US government has been smearing Huawei as a threat, attacking our servers, stealing mail and source code, and never providing any evidence to support its allegations that Huawei is a cybersecurity threat.

Moreover, the United States is striving to smash Huawei and influence public opinion. To make matters worse, the US government is trying to prevent Huawei from participating in the construction of 5G networks in other countries.

Through high investment, Huawei has become a global 5G leader. Given that the United States has never provided any evidence to prove its security allegations, we suspect that it is not motivated by other countries to use Huawei products: Is it worried that other countries will use advanced 5G technology to catch up with the United States?

Perhaps the US government mistakenly believes that suppressing Huawei can benefit it. But the fact is that restricting Huawei's participation in the construction of 5G networks in the United States and other countries will only harm the interests of these countries, and deploying 5G networks faster will benefit all countries.

Regrettably, in the absence of an opportunity to defend, the United States has issued an NDAA to impose restrictions on Huawei. 2019 NDAA 889 not only prevents Huawei from providing services to US customers but also damages our reputation and makes us lose the opportunity to provide services to customers outside the United States. This is an abuse of the US legislative process, depriving Huawei of the right to take legal proceedings, contrary to the principle of separation of powers, and deviating from the legal purposes of the United States, contrary to the original intention of the constitutionalists. This not only violates Huawei's rights but also hurts American consumers. By enacting the NDAA, the US Congress played the role of judge, jury and law enforcer, which is unconstitutional.

Other countries are also opposed to the US government's suppression of Huawei. The US President himself recently questioned the use of false security reasons to prevent Huawei. If this law is revoked (this law should be revoked), Huawei has the opportunity to provide the United States with more advanced technology to help the United States establish the most advanced 5G network. Huawei is willing to resolve the security concerns of the US government. The ban on NDAA's ban on Huawei allows the US government to work with Huawei to solve real cybersecurity problems. Taking legal action is our last choice. We hope that the court can make the right decision for both Huawei and the American people.

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