power bank could charge the 5G iPhone

Apple is preparing for the launch of the 5G iPhone

If the Apple is launching 5G iPhone, HELOIDEO as power bank factory could offer the power bank and portable charger for iPhone, also we have the five in one power bank

power bank

Taiwan Optoelectronics, Ding KY, and Taichung are among the first to get orders for PCBs (printed circuit boards).

The Economic Daily reported that in the design process of 5G new machines, PCB and new materials are the key to the modularization of a communication transmission, and are closely related to subsequent material cost control and signal quality stability. The news that the PCB supplier of the 5G iPhone has been selected means that Apple is working on the primary task of developing 5G mobile phones. The 5G iPhone is expected to be unveiled in the second half of this year.

In addition to addressing the technology and supply of PCBs, Apple has already made a lot of preparations for 5G phones.

HELOIDEO power bank factory could customize the power bank for this 5G iPhone power bank

On the 5G baseband, due to the rupture of the relationship between Apple and Qualcomm last year, the two companies should not have cooperation on 5G chips this year. Intel's other supplier, Intel, is currently producing 5G baseband chips for it. In addition, there are reports that Apple has negotiated with Samsung Electronics and MediaTek to intentionally use the 5G modem chip for the iPhone. Apple is also currently developing its own baseband chip in the self-organized baseband development department.

Apple's action on 5G phones is still somewhat slow. Samsung has launched the first 5G mobile phone this year at the 2019MWC (World Mobile Communications Conference) recently held, and then Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, and other companies have also released their own 5G mobile phones.



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