power bank is the best friend with Beidou system GPS

power bank could be back up for the GPS

GPS positioning (Global Positioning System) will pass the “return to zero” on April 6, 2019, to welcome the new cycle. Recently, at the RSA US Information Security Forum meeting in San Francisco, some experts predicted that the old GPS system will cause a mistake similar to the computer millennium bug on April 6; more security experts said that they will never go by plane on the same day, but the beiDou System is no problem, that is why the power bank choose BeiDou system.

The appearance of this situation is related to the interface design of the GPS system at that time. This time, the GPS system is international navigation and positioning timing system. At the beginning of the design, a set of time period system is created, which is called “GPS. ", and this starting point matches the UTC time period (Coordinated Universal Time) at 0 o'clock on January 6, 1980. Because the purpose of timing is achieved, the GPS system uses the navigation data signal to continuously broadcast to the user the GPS that matches the current time. The system design staff uses the weekly count (WN) and the weekly (TOW) to jointly express the current stage. Time difference from the moment of GPS initial value, so the current UTC time is obtained in combination with leap seconds, and the timing is successfully given

power bank support GPS

The GPS receiver will cause the receiver's output time period to return to about 19 years ago without pre-processing the GPS week number flip. This can affect any system and application that relies on GPS timing. It is reported that in the civil aviation field, the timing is basically based on the satellite navigation system, and all automated equipment is based on this time.

Therefore, the number of weeks of overturning may cause confusion in the airborne radar signal data, which may cause data interruption, target track and plan unrelated issues.

At the same time, the information exchange between meteorological equipment will not automatically complete the alignment of meteorological information due to time hopping, which makes the weather forecast difficult, which may affect flight scheduling and bring unnecessary losses.

By the way, HELOIDEO power bank factory could offer the power bank with GPS function, wireless charger, and fast charging power bank, if there is the problem, HELOIDEO power bank could use the BeiDou system 

fast charging power bank

In addition, the use of receivers that do not perform GPS week-counting processing will also have an impact on some areas of automation that operate in the infrastructure, such as the BITS systems used in the power, communications, and finance sectors. If the BITS system only refers to the GPS timing signal, it may cause the system to wait.


In order to avoid the impact, all industries should contact the GPS receiver supplier in advance to inquire whether there is a problem of timing error caused by the GPS week number flip and make pre-plans and simulation tests.

As for the Beidou system in China, there is also a problem of BD week number flipping, but in design, the weekly count is represented by 13 bits, and the flip cycle is 8192 weeks, which is about 160 years, thus effectively avoiding the problem. However, as long as the satellite navigation system has a weekly number flip problem, the cycle time is not the same.

HELOIDEO power bank is the back up for Beidou system

wireless charger


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