Magnetic 45W AC power bank Quick charge for laptop.
The fastest charger for you USB c devices.
10000mAh PD Fast 3.0 Charging Portable Battery Bank, Magnetic Power Bank Compatible with laptop, iPhone 14 13 12 11 Pro Max X 8 iPad MacBook etc.
External Battery Pack with Removable Magnetic AC adaptor & Dual USB charging Cable Offering a 45W PD port and a 18W QC port, it not only charges one device ultra-fast with either port, but also gets your phone and tablet juiced up simultaneously, both at 3X faster speed.


10000mAh Ultra Slim USB C Power Bank with Built-in Cabels AC Wall Plug, 4 Output Dual Input External Battery Pack Compatible with iPhone Android Phone Tablet ect. Built-in three cables for different mobilephones Directly.
You do not need take charging cable built-in AC Wall Plug,so when you outside only take this portable charger is ok,no need extra other cables and adapter. Saving the bag space for you.


Own Factory with BSCI / ISO 9001/ UL/ MFI /WPC Qi

We are charging experts and innovators of smart devices for entertainment, travel, and smart homes. *200 Million+ Products Sold Worldwide *14 Years of Innovation * Who Trust us : Walmart, Lidl, QVC, Bookstone, SWAROVSKI, BVLGARI, HP, Telefonica, MSI, HEINEKEN, PHILIPS,O Boticario etc.

We are a leading China power bank manufacturer, has our own power bank factory with 3500 sq.m that runs over 18 years, mainly producing car battery charger. As the best power bank supplier in Shenzhen China, our power bank factory in Shenzhen has over 7 product lines for the best power bank charger,universal mobile USB portable power bank charger, wireless charger, battery charger and quick charger etc. Appointed to portable power bank supplier & China car power bank wholesale for globally renowned luxury brand, further promoting Heloideo globally at electronics and portable devices field.

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QC 3.0 power bank is using Qualcomm Tech
Qualcomm company win and QC 3.0 power bank is very useful HELOIDEO power bank factory produce lots of power bank such as QC 3.0 power bank, five in one power bank, wireless charger with power bank etc What is QC 3.0 power bank, We used Qualcomm tech and We know the Qualcomm and Apple fight each other, finally I think Qualcomm win Since the release of the new machine in the second half of last year, Apple's development has fallen into a very embarrassing situation. Not only did the new machine not sell, but it was also entangled in Qualcomm by Qualcomm. Not only consumers, but many people in the industry are not optimistic about Apple's future development. In order to reverse the defeat, Cook has to compromise. The biggest reason for Apple's encounter with Waterloo is the wrong product pricing.  Although Apple has already revived iPhone sales through price cuts, the end of the patent dispute between Apple and Qualcomm has not been finalized. Recently, Apple has shown signs of being forced to compromise. On February 14, Apple official said that in order to lift the German mobile phone ban, Apple will restart sales of the iPhone using Qualcomm chips. In the statement, Apple appears to be "helpless": in order to ensure that German users can buy and use all models of the iPhone, the German market will stop some Apple phones with Intel chips. According to industry sources, the iPhone7 and iPhone8 accounted for 3% of sales in the German mobile phone market. At the same time, the sales volume in the German market is not obvious in Apple's global sales. Therefore, the iPhone7 and iPhone8 series phones in the German market are not allowed to be sold. Apple's overall sales have an impact. However, under the premise that the iPhone's new machine is slightly higher in price, the iPhone7 and iPhone8 series are affordable and obviously more popular with consumers. It is just a mobile phone why it is so expensive? and as the mobile phone,it still need QC 3.0 power bank to charge it  I wonder if the Apple mobile phone could be same as HELOIDEO power bank, each one could be customized as unique power bank? I dont think so
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power bank could offer the special gift for Valentine's Day
How to offer the power bank as a special  Valentine's gift? HELOIDEO as power bank factory could offer the special power bank which could customize the design on the power bank, such as Happy Valentine's Day or I LOVE U etc Let me show you the customized the power bank, it is also five in one power bank with three different charging cables to charge your mobile phone. It is really amazing power bank, you could show any words you want and it is really nice portable charger which could charge your different mobile phones,  If you has the girlfriend or boyfriend, it is the special and the best gift to show your love. That is some of customized design and also you could offer the design what you want to put it on the power bank, we could lazer your design on the power bank as Valentine's gift.
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portable power bank charger will be hot selling on 12.12 festival
HELOIDEO portable power bank charger factory will offer the discount on 12.12 shopping festival Our portable power bank charger was sold out totally on 11.11 Global Shopping Festival. It is amazing and 12.12 shopping festival will be coming soon, would you like to add our portable power bank charger in the cart, let me recommend some of our portable power bank chargers ALL IN ONE portable power bank charger with ac outlet and 3 different charging cables Shop Now Here is 5000mah portable power bank charger with ac outlet                 Here is the 20000mah ac outlet power bank and it is first power bank with extendable charging cable worldwide Which portable power bank charger is suitable for you?
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power bank from HELOIDEO will be top portable power bank in 2019
HELOIDEO power bank factory could offer the best portable power bank We have ALL IN ONE power bank which is suitable for USA market  Some of EU customer said this ac outlet is not for our market, our engineers already considered that here is our ALL IN ONE power bank for EU market  US-China trade war is stopped, there is more chance to purchase the power bank, especially top power bank in 2019, you are welcome to visit to find the best power bank for your market By the way, HELOIDEO power bank factory will offer some discount during the Christmas
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Power bank 5200-plug?power bank? It is all
Power bank 5200-plug?power bank? It is all We can't do without the mobile phone for 24 hours, we need the power bank to continue the power. But because of forgetfulness, I often forget to bring a plug, and I can't recharge the power bank in time. This is a very tricky thing.   Recommend a small and practical power bank 5200 for you today, from the brand Heloideo. It comes with a plug, which is both a power bank 5200 and a charging plug.   Plug the AC plug and plug it directly into the socket to charge the power bank.When charging, there are no messy wires and the surrounding environment is more tidy. It can also be used as a charging plug, power bank will preferentially charge the electronic device, and then charge itself.   Slap size, lightweight and portable Go out, travel with you, don't be cumbersome; take it with your mobile phone while charging, don't be heavy. Small size, large capacity The battery capacity is 5200 mAh, for example, iphone8, you can fill it 2 times.Going out, the phone’s power is always full, too satisfying. The power bank 5200 with a usb output, built-in two charging lines, can charge two devices at the same time.   It is worth mentioning that there is a led indicator on the power bank, which will display the remaining power of power bank, which will flash when charging. When all the LED lights are on, it means that the power bank is fully charged, and the battery is fully charged. When the power bank only has one LED light flashing, it indicates that the battery is insufficient, and the power bank should be charged.
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Portable Power Bank- Get Rid of The Power Shortage of Mobile Phone
Portable Power Bank- Get Rid of The Power Shortage of Mobile Phone With the increasing dependence on mobile phones, the situation of mobile phones without electricity is also increasing, and people pay more and more attention to portable power bank. But usually after work date, evening party, you don't want to carry a big and heavy power bank, then you will be anxious, uneasy, insecure because the cell phone has no electricity, at this time you need a portable power bank to rescue the field. Heloideo's new portable power bank is 8*4.5*1.4 inch in size. It's very small and slim. It weighs only 8 ounces. It can be easily put in your pocket. It doesn't occupy much space. The battery capacity is 5000mAh. It has a large capacity. It can be taken out whenever you need to use it, and it can also be brought with you. Lighting, Micro cable, USB port, bring great convenience to customers.
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Power bank  do you know?  and how does it work ?

What's Power Bank and How does it work?

Do you have this experiences: when you go to the shop to buy a mobile phone, the sales workers normally will tell you if you buy this brand mobile phone, you will get a free power bank and other free accessories.  

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What do you considering when you buy power banks ?
What do you considering when you buy power banks? Are you still confused to how to choose the best power bank for using or selling?  if like me, you're constantly low on battery – and then you may be in need of a power bank or portable charger to keep your phones, tablets and other devices up and running on the goBut which one is best?  would you also think all power banks are the same? We'll help ensure you're not wasting your money on inferior portable chargers, and explain what features to look out for in our guide to the best power banks you can buy in 2018. the capacity of the power bank is not the only consideration, Versatility is also worth considering – for example, can you use the charger for multiple devices?  is it compatible with different devices? Does it offer pass-through charging (which means you can charge the bank itself without other accessories such as charging cable or wall adapter while using it to charge a connected device)? here recommend you the best power banks all in one power banks below, you do not need extra charging cable or wall adapter to charge.   Heloideo 5000mAh AC plug Portable Charger with iPhone /type C/micro USB charging cables for iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung and other Lightning or USB-C Devices Type C+Lightning  This power bank built-in AC plug and USB charging cable, just plug it into the AC socket directly it starts to recharge itself immediately. This is all functions integrated power bank which brings more convenience for its user. and the super slim size is really light and portable for travel. are you worried if my phone is not suited for these cables?  do not worry, it also has the 2 USB port can charge your smartphones too, also you can choose the right cables which meet your need in power banks. Flexible cable design makes you can choose what 2 cables connector you need.    only 2 cables, Would you think this is enough?  Are you still need one extra cable  (not built in this power banks ) for your family members too, right?      Here are new unexpected design with all cables your devices need is coming.  3 cables ( Lighting / Android / USB C cable , and also have AC outlet inside too.  this is the first design with all in one power banks in the world, for sure, maybe later it will have the copy one coming.  With its high efficiency, premium design, is it hard to beat, right ? of course, this is the best selling power bank in power bank supplier. Pick up one or two of these, throw them in your bag and suitcase, and forget having to worry about running out of battery power while on the road. what's more, it has different colors for you choose.  
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