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With BSCI / ISO 9001/ UL/ MFI /WPC Qi  

we are China Power bank factory with 3500sq.m over 13 years , mainly producing car battery charger, best Power bank in Shenzhen    china, Our Shenzhen Power bank factory  have over 7 product line for Best power bank charger, universal mobile USB portable power   bank charger, Wireless charger, wholesale battery charger and Quick charger etc. Appointed to portable power bank suppliers & China car power bank manufacturer for globally renowned Luxury brand.promoting the brand globally at electronics and portable devices field

Who Trust us : Walmart, Lidl, QVC, Bookstone, SWAROVSKI, BVLGARI, HP, Telefonica, MSI, HEINEKEN, PHILIPS,O Boticario etc.

AC plug power banks with cable, Portable power bank suppliers

All In One Power bank with AC plug, Built in Lighting ,Micro usb and Type C cable

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Fast Charging Power Bank

USB PD ower bank PD 18W 36W 45W

USB Power Bank with PD Function PD Power Bank

What's USB PD? usb power bank with PD function or PD power bank, do you know?

1. What's the USB PD ?

2. Why are USB PD products hot in the market?

3. what kind of smartphones support USB C / PD charging? 

USB C power bank /PD Power bank

Fast Charging Power Bank

Fast Charging Power Bank Support Quick Charge 3.0 / 2.0 or not?

1. What's the Quick Charge 3.0 /2.0  ?

2. Do You know Fast charging power bank charger ?

3.Which Power bank support Quick Charge ?

Fast chargring power banks

MFI Power Bank

MFI Power Bank charger

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