Magnetic 45W AC power bank Quick charge for laptop.
The fastest charger for you USB c devices.
10000mAh PD Fast 3.0 Charging Portable Battery Bank, Magnetic Power Bank Compatible with laptop, iPhone 14 13 12 11 Pro Max X 8 iPad MacBook etc.
External Battery Pack with Removable Magnetic AC adaptor & Dual USB charging Cable Offering a 45W PD port and a 18W QC port, it not only charges one device ultra-fast with either port, but also gets your phone and tablet juiced up simultaneously, both at 3X faster speed.


10000mAh Ultra Slim USB C Power Bank with Built-in Cabels AC Wall Plug, 4 Output Dual Input External Battery Pack Compatible with iPhone Android Phone Tablet ect. Built-in three cables for different mobilephones Directly.
You do not need take charging cable built-in AC Wall Plug,so when you outside only take this portable charger is ok,no need extra other cables and adapter. Saving the bag space for you.


Own Factory with BSCI / ISO 9001/ UL/ MFI /WPC Qi

We are charging experts and innovators of smart devices for entertainment, travel, and smart homes. 200 Million+ Products Sold Worldwide 14 Years of Innovation Who Trust us : Walmart, Lidl, QVC, Bookstone, SWAROVSKI, BVLGARI, HP, Telefonica, MSI, HEINEKEN, PHILIPS,O Boticario etc.

We are a leading China power bank manufacturer, has our own power bank factory with 3500 sq.m that runs over 18 years, mainly producing car battery charger. As the best power bank supplier in Shenzhen China, our power bank factory in Shenzhen has over 7 product lines for the best power bank charger, massage gun,universal mobile USB portable power bank charger, wireless charger, battery charger and quick charger etc. Appointed to portable power bank supplier & China car power bank wholesale for globally renowned luxury brand, further promoting Heloideo globally at electronics and portable devices field.

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EDC tool drawing stationery with Multiple function  all in one
Heloideo New item: Multiple function EDC tool drawing stationery Are you puzzled by using pen, pencil and ball pen to drawing the picture you prefer? Are you troublesome by taking various drawing facility to finish your mechanic work? Today we recommend you our new item: Multiple function drawing stationery  EDC tool drawing stationery ​ ​ Usage of EDC tool drawing stationery The main usage of this cute stuff is to serve as a drawing tool, you can draft any various item you want, can be single line, curved circle, triangle with angle, even Mandala painting. You can see it mixed with stainless ruler with openwork pattern.   ​ ​ The material of the main body is stainless steel, which are more dominant in touch feel and easy to incorporated. By the way, you will notice there are graduating mark on the compass base. It works not only as a compass-guide, can also be a helpful tool as a pen-stand. We tried, individual pen is solid enough. ​ compass with a pen-stand Don’t miss the magnetically part, it allows the ruler unit to snap it. Once magnetically attached, the ruler parts swing freely in 360° around the base, make you to create more circles and measure arcs perfectly. ​ From kids to adult, make your life more colourful and flexible. For housewife, it can also be a bottle opener, see the pic. ​                                                                    About packing of EDC tool drawing stationery, package include a pen-stand, rounder/compass, wrench, scale, bottle opener, and a drawing guide all in one. you can visit our website to buy this cute stationery online too.  There’s a lot it can do with  EDC tool drawing stationery. We also encourage you explore more possibilities, or any ODM design are warmly welcomed.
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power bank and HuaWei help Korea to be the first 5G country
How does the power bank support Korea? HELOIDEO company attended the HK Exhibition and lots of customers are looking for power bank, PD power bank and fast charging power bank, because the 5G will be coming, they need the PD power bank to charge the mobile phone with fast charging ​ Today, with the rapid development of communication technology, we have experienced technical changes from 2G to 4G in just over a decade. However, 4G has not been popularized around the world, and the future of 5G seems to have come. Compared with the current 4G technology, 5G technology gives users the most intuitive experience, which is extremely fast network speed and ultra-low latency. Let's just say, under the coverage of the 5G network, the movie is no longer a dream to be downloaded in 1 second, so the fast internet speed is simply the favorite of game lovers. Do we need the PD power bank to support us to watch the movie and play the game? ​ However, when the European and American countries joined forces to reject foreign 5G technology, the world's first 5G commercial country has emerged. This country is a Korean that everyone is very familiar with. When South Korea took the lead in realizing 5G commercialization, the United States was ready to pilot in four cities, and the European Union only established the 5G roadmap soon, and will not begin to popularize until 2025. In this way, South Korea has surpassed the United States and Europe to the forefront of the world in the progress bar of 5G construction. ​
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power bank is waiting for you on 1C-D19 at TDC Exhibition
HELOIDEO power bank will attend HK Electronics Exhibition  Hello everyone, We are going to attend the HK Exhibition from 13th-16th April and the Booth Number is 1C-D19, We will show lots of our power bank, such as PD Power Bank, Fast Charging Power Bank, and Magnetic Power Bank, Here is our Invitation below for your reference, You are welcome to visit our booth to check the product ​We made ODM project for Walmart, QVC, Brookstone, etc, We could develop a series of products for your companyWe have rich experienced R&D engineers, such as PCBA engineers and product design engineersAlso, we could make your interested public model with quality PCBA inside. Hope to establish long term business relationship with your company​ ​ I am glad to invite you to visit our Booth 1C-D19 to check our power bank and PD Power Bank and Fast Charging Power bank
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power bank makes you happy on April Fool's Day
How does power bank make you happy on April Fool's Day April Fool's Day originated in France. In 1564, France first adopted the new reform method of the Gregorian calendar (the current universal solar calendar), with January 1 as the beginning of the year. However, some conservative people oppose this kind of reform and still send gifts according to the old calendar stubbornly on April 1st to celebrate the New Year. Those who advocate reform have ridiculed the practice of these old-fashioned people. Smart and funny people gave them fake gifts on April 1 and invited them to a fake reception. And the condemned conservatives are called "April fools" or "hooked fish." Since then, people have fooled each other on April 1 and become a popular custom in France. At the beginning of the 18th century, the April Fool's Day custom was passed to the United Kingdom and then brought to the United States by the early British immigrants. ​ Would you like to order power bank from HELOIDEO power bank factory, We could offer the power bank and fast charging power bank ​ ​
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power bank also support fast charging,even faster than Xiaomi
HELOIDEO power bank is PD power bank and supports fast charging Xiaomi 9 used 27W fast charge this time, which is faster than the previous 18W fast charge, but this technology is still not enough to compare with other fast charging programs, because there is a lot of fast charge of 40W and above. Last night, Xiaomi suddenly took out the 100W power Super Charge Turbo super fast charging technology, compared with OPPO's 50W super flash charging technology HELOIDEO has the 45W power bank and total output is 79.5W  Xiaomi's super fast charging technology has been screened on Weibo and other platforms since it was unveiled last night. Xiaomi's "black technology" suddenly excited the rice noodles and brushed the screen. Xiaomi's opponent in the 100W fast charge comparison is OPPO's 50W Super VOOC super flash charging technology. Of course, choosing OPPO as an opponent is not necessarily a prejudice against OPPO. It is likely that OPPO's 50W super flash charging technology is the current amount. The highest power in production technology, Huawei, Vivo fast charge is only 40W, 44W power. In the field of fast charging, OPPO is one of the earliest follow-ups among domestic manufacturers. Shen Yiren is also said to be the trader of OPPO's slogan “Charging 5 minutes for 2 hours”. This marketing plan is responsible for him. OPPO's VOOC flash charging solution is a low-voltage and high-current route. In addition to the standard version, there is Super VOOC super flash charging with a power of 50W. According to the OPPO, in the SuperVOOC super flash system, OPPO used the 3C battery and VFC fast charging algorithm for the first time. 3C battery current carrying capacity increased by 100%, quality is excellent, and the safety factor is improved; VFC algorithm improves trickle charging, trickle charging speed is increased by 200%, and the last 10% charging time is greatly shortened, realizing "no difference" flash Fill the experience I think HELOIDEO power bank factory could offer the PD power bank and fast charging power bank, it is really your best option to buy the power bank 
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power bank is the best friend with Beidou system GPS
power bank could be back up for the GPS GPS positioning (Global Positioning System) will pass the “return to zero” on April 6, 2019, to welcome the new cycle. Recently, at the RSA US Information Security Forum meeting in San Francisco, some experts predicted that the old GPS system will cause a mistake similar to the computer millennium bug on April 6; more security experts said that they will never go by plane on the same day, but the beiDou System is no problem, that is why the power bank choose BeiDou system. The appearance of this situation is related to the interface design of the GPS system at that time. This time, the GPS system is international navigation and positioning timing system. At the beginning of the design, a set of time period system is created, which is called “GPS. ", and this starting point matches the UTC time period (Coordinated Universal Time) at 0 o'clock on January 6, 1980. Because the purpose of timing is achieved, the GPS system uses the navigation data signal to continuously broadcast to the user the GPS that matches the current time. The system design staff uses the weekly count (WN) and the weekly (TOW) to jointly express the current stage. Time difference from the moment of GPS initial value, so the current UTC time is obtained in combination with leap seconds, and the timing is successfully given The GPS receiver will cause the receiver's output time period to return to about 19 years ago without pre-processing the GPS week number flip. This can affect any system and application that relies on GPS timing. It is reported that in the civil aviation field, the timing is basically based on the satellite navigation system, and all automated equipment is based on this time. Therefore, the number of weeks of overturning may cause confusion in the airborne radar signal data, which may cause data interruption, target track and plan unrelated issues. At the same time, the information exchange between meteorological equipment will not automatically complete the alignment of meteorological information due to time hopping, which makes the weather forecast difficult, which may affect flight scheduling and bring unnecessary losses. By the way, HELOIDEO power bank factory could offer the power bank with GPS function, wireless charger, and fast charging power bank, if there is the problem, HELOIDEO power bank could use the BeiDou system  In addition, the use of receivers that do not perform GPS week-counting processing will also have an impact on some areas of automation that operate in the infrastructure, such as the BITS systems used in the power, communications, and finance sectors. If the BITS system only refers to the GPS timing signal, it may cause the system to wait. solution In order to avoid the impact, all industries should contact the GPS receiver supplier in advance to inquire whether there is a problem of timing error caused by the GPS week number flip and make pre-plans and simulation tests. As for the Beidou system in China, there is also a problem of BD week number flipping, but in design, the weekly count is represented by 13 bits, and the flip cycle is 8192 weeks, which is about 160 years, thus effectively avoiding the problem. However, as long as the satellite navigation system has a weekly number flip problem, the cycle time is not the same. HELOIDEO power bank is the back up for Beidou system
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Wireless Charger is related to 5G or 6G
HELOIDEO power bank factory offer the power bank and Wireless Charger, Do you think it is related to 6G? Maybe someday we could charge the Wireless Charger or power bank and mobile phone with 6G I think everyone knows 5G but it is the first time to hear 6G, Let me show you the story 5G is becoming the focus of the industry. Various countries or regions have begun to deploy 5G infrastructure to meet the technological evolution of the next decade, including 5G mobile phones and communication equipment, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and so on. In this industry, 5G telecom operators are also fiercely competitive. However, despite these, these vendors can still count, such as Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia, ZTE, and Samsung. Among them, Huawei is currently the world's largest telecom equipment operator and has made a big splash in the 5G field, winning more than 30 construction contracts. Due to the outstanding performance of Huawei equipment and the high price and low price, it is favored by many countries or regions. However, for some countries such as the United States, they want to break their minds and want to prevent Huawei from entering the country. The reason is that they often refer to cybersecurity. . Huawei decided to take a strong counterattack to confront and prosecute the United States. In the face of Huawei's technical strength, Trump sent a message saying: "I want the United States to win, but through competition, not to block the more advanced technology." But the outside world still believes that his words are very similar. Huawei. The implication is that the United States cannot prevent Huawei by security, and the United States must develop advanced technology. This advanced technology is 6G. In other countries or regions, the opportunity to build 5G is still underway. The United States has rushed to announce the development of 6G, hoping to seize the market ahead of schedule. And the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has begun paving the way for a radio frequency in 6G R&D. Moreover, the FCC opens the "terahertz wave" frequency segment, which is mainly used for 6G. However, this band is considered by the outside world to be of no use value, because the "THz wave" penetration is very poor, and it can only achieve short-distance transmission within the line of sight, which may bring some setbacks to the development of the US 6G. According to US planning, it is now a 6G competition to lead the future of wireless communications leadership. According to the data, the 6G speed is 100 times that of 5G. In the 6G field, up to 1TB of data can be transmitted in one second. However, this process is obviously a bit long. At least for now, the US 5G is more or less inseparable from Huawei, especially the fact that many remote areas or villages in the United States are scattered because of their location. If you don't rely on Huawei, it needs a very high cost to realize 5G communication. This is also the heart disease of some rural operators. At that time, it is no longer prohibited, but Huawei is asked to sell this 5G to them. The United States is not the first country to launch 6G R&D. In fact, China has already begun to develop 6G technology. Last year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology confirmed that China is already studying the development of 6G and hopes to achieve a true Internet of Everything. At present, Huawei has already started 6G research, even earlier than the United States. Huawei is moving towards the new Internet in 2030 and beyond through the 6G sword. Whatever for now I think you need the Wireless charger or power bank to charge your mobile phone, here is our Wireless charger below, it is 10W Wireless charger and pen holder
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Huawei announced a lawsuit against the US government
HELOIDEO as power bank factory support Huawei HELOIDEO power bank factory we could offer PD power bank and five in one power bank and customize power bank for Huawei smartphone and we are very glad to know this news that Huawei announced a lawsuit against the US government to challenge the compliance of Article 889 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2019 ("NDAA") with the Constitution. Huawei hopes to obtain the following remedies: The court found that the restrictions on Huawei in the NDAA were unconstitutional and issued a permanent injunction prohibiting the implementation of the restriction. The US Congress has not been able to show us evidence supporting the sale of Huawei products. After trying to eliminate the doubts of some US lawmakers, Huawei has no choice but to challenge the law in court. The ban is not only illegal but also hurts Huawei and American consumers. Huawei operates in more than 170 countries. As the world's leading technology provider, Huawei's responsibility is to comply with standards and manufacture safe devices. We have been fulfilling our responsibilities seriously. We have a good cybersecurity record for the past 30 years. Huawei has never been, and will not be implanted in the back door in the future. We also never allow others to do this on our devices. The US government has been smearing Huawei as a threat, attacking our servers, stealing mail and source code, and never providing any evidence to support its allegations that Huawei is a cybersecurity threat. Moreover, the United States is striving to smash Huawei and influence public opinion. To make matters worse, the US government is trying to prevent Huawei from participating in the construction of 5G networks in other countries. Through high investment, Huawei has become a global 5G leader. Given that the United States has never provided any evidence to prove its security allegations, we suspect that it is not motivated by other countries to use Huawei products: Is it worried that other countries will use advanced 5G technology to catch up with the United States? Perhaps the US government mistakenly believes that suppressing Huawei can benefit it. But the fact is that restricting Huawei's participation in the construction of 5G networks in the United States and other countries will only harm the interests of these countries, and deploying 5G networks faster will benefit all countries. Regrettably, in the absence of an opportunity to defend, the United States has issued an NDAA to impose restrictions on Huawei. 2019 NDAA 889 not only prevents Huawei from providing services to US customers but also damages our reputation and makes us lose the opportunity to provide services to customers outside the United States. This is an abuse of the US legislative process, depriving Huawei of the right to take legal proceedings, contrary to the principle of separation of powers, and deviating from the legal purposes of the United States, contrary to the original intention of the constitutionalists. This not only violates Huawei's rights but also hurts American consumers. By enacting the NDAA, the US Congress played the role of judge, jury and law enforcer, which is unconstitutional. Other countries are also opposed to the US government's suppression of Huawei. The US President himself recently questioned the use of false security reasons to prevent Huawei. If this law is revoked (this law should be revoked), Huawei has the opportunity to provide the United States with more advanced technology to help the United States establish the most advanced 5G network. Huawei is willing to resolve the security concerns of the US government. The ban on NDAA's ban on Huawei allows the US government to work with Huawei to solve real cybersecurity problems. Taking legal action is our last choice. We hope that the court can make the right decision for both Huawei and the American people. HELOIDEO power bank factory offer PD power bank to support Huawei 5G smartphone
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