QC 3.0 power bank is using Qualcomm Tech

Qualcomm company win and QC 3.0 power bank is very useful

HELOIDEO power bank factory produce lots of power bank such as QC 3.0 power bank, five in one power bank, wireless charger with power bank etc

QC 3.0 power bank

QC 3.0 power bank

What is QC 3.0 power bank, We used Qualcomm tech and We know the Qualcomm and Apple fight each other, finally I think Qualcomm win

Since the release of the new machine in the second half of last year, Apple's development has fallen into a very embarrassing situation. Not only did the new machine not sell, but it was also entangled in Qualcomm by Qualcomm. Not only consumers, but many people in the industry are not optimistic about Apple's future development. In order to reverse the defeat, Cook has to compromise.

The biggest reason for Apple's encounter with Waterloo is the wrong product pricing.  Although Apple has already revived iPhone sales through price cuts, the end of the patent dispute between Apple and Qualcomm has not been finalized.

Recently, Apple has shown signs of being forced to compromise. On February 14, Apple official said that in order to lift the German mobile phone ban, Apple will restart sales of the iPhone using Qualcomm chips. In the statement, Apple appears to be "helpless": in order to ensure that German users can buy and use all models of the iPhone, the German market will stop some Apple phones with Intel chips.

According to industry sources, the iPhone7 and iPhone8 accounted for 3% of sales in the German mobile phone market. At the same time, the sales volume in the German market is not obvious in Apple's global sales. Therefore, the iPhone7 and iPhone8 series phones in the German market are not allowed to be sold. Apple's overall sales have an impact. However, under the premise that the iPhone's new machine is slightly higher in price, the iPhone7 and iPhone8 series are affordable and obviously more popular with consumers.

It is just a mobile phone why it is so expensive? and as the mobile phone,it still need QC 3.0 power bank to charge it 

power bankI wonder if the Apple mobile phone could be same as HELOIDEO power bank, each one could be customized as unique power bank? I dont think so