power bank makes you happy on April Fool's Day

How does power bank make you happy on April Fool's Day

April Fool's Day originated in France. In 1564, France first adopted the new reform method of the Gregorian calendar (the current universal solar calendar), with January 1 as the beginning of the year. However, some conservative people oppose this kind of reform and still send gifts according to the old calendar stubbornly on April 1st to celebrate the New Year. Those who advocate reform have ridiculed the practice of these old-fashioned people. Smart and funny people gave them fake gifts on April 1 and invited them to a fake reception. And the condemned conservatives are called "April fools" or "hooked fish." Since then, people have fooled each other on April 1 and become a popular custom in France. At the beginning of the 18th century, the April Fool's Day custom was passed to the United Kingdom and then brought to the United States by the early British immigrants.

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