Powerbank can open the US government's door or not

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The US government’s door has been closed for 26 days until yesterday, which is the longest time for the government to close the door in American history. According to US media reports, because the US government's door has been closed, the streets of Washington have not been cleaned, including the White House, and there are quite a few working people. As a result, Trump can only take out the guests at the White House. The people want to get a license. There is no place to register for marriage.

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In such a chaotic situation, the American people can stick to the present, but it is actually not easy. The most important thing is that many employees are on holiday at home, so many jobs cannot be carried out, and the domestic economic losses are also very heavy. In order to change this situation, Trump finally loosened, but the American people refused to accept such a decision.

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According to the White House news, Trump has issued an order requiring American civil servants to return to their jobs on time to work. However, Trump also said that he will not pay in the near future, but will To make up for it, it is clear that Trump wants to let the US government departments continue to work without pay, naturally, it is unacceptable to many Americans. The most important thing is that the American people do not know when the government gate will open normally. I definitely have an opinion on Trump's request.


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