power bank is the gift for Pelosi

Why do I want to send the power bank to Pelosi?

This is Nancy Pelosi, I would like to offer a power bank as a gift to her

power bank for Pelosi

Trump was angry again.

This time it wasn't someone who irritated Trump. It was the old lady named Nancy Pelosi (Nancy Pelosi).

The old lady Nancy Pelosi had just taken up the House Speaker in the last two days and rushed to "learn" Trump. Sure enough, he said: "The people want to build a wall on the US-Mexico border..."

Pelosi did not fight in one place, suspecting that Trump was trying to use negotiations to escape other issues. "I don't even know if the president really wants the wall. He just wants to negotiate... It's a luxury that our country can't afford under any circumstances!"

In short, no, no offer, no approval, goodbye.

The old man is like a fat man of two hundred pounds, but he can't help it.

To put it bluntly, since Trump took office, the officials around him have been fired by old squid, and there are really few who dare to face the front of Trump, but Pelosi is definitely an exception.

I love Pelosi so much, the heloideo company would like to send a five in one power bank as a gift to her.HELOIDEO is power bank factory

power bank

Even Pelosi’s daughter said: My mother is a person who “cuts your head down, you don’t even know you are bleeding”.

In fact, Pelosi was an ordinary housewife until he was 47. He only started his public office after he was 47, and now he is one of the most powerful women in Washington.

For many people, this is a long road, but with a keen sense of political vigor and aggressive dominance, Pelosi broke the gender barrier and successfully entered the US Congress, which is dominated by men. Her life story sounds amazing.

If she like our 20000mah power bank, we could send those two power bank together

20000mah power bank

From small kitchens to solemn parliaments, from obscure housewives to politicians in politics, Pelosi has completed several amazing careers turns and brilliant career achievements in just a few decades of life, while also successfully portraying them. A respected female leader image.

Pelosi's achievements are obvious to all, but Trump is very torturous. I hope he will be able to negotiate with Pelosi for five seconds without being angry! 


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