power bank is the best backup for AI

HELOIDEO power bank is the best backup for AI, Why?

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How could we help the AI market? let me introduce our five in one power bank first

power bank

US President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Monday to ask government agencies to use more resources and investments in artificial intelligence research, promotion and training.

Under the American AI Initiative program, the US government will guide organizations to prioritize investment in artificial intelligence research and development, while expanding the authority of researchers to use government data and models that are conducive to artificial intelligence development and adapting to workers. Prepare for the era of artificial intelligence.

The company has not yet announced specific funding for the program, but the White House wants to better report and track R&D spending related to artificial intelligence.

The White House said that investing in artificial intelligence is "the key to creating future industries, such as autonomous vehicles, industrial robots, and disease diagnosis algorithms."

The program is designed to ensure that the United States maintains its edge in the development of artificial intelligence and related fields such as advanced manufacturing and quantum computing.

Trump said in his State of the Union address last week that he is willing to work with lawmakers to provide new and important infrastructure investments, including investments in cutting-edge industries in the future, calling it "necessary."

When you use the AI product, that means you need lots of power to support it, our power bank could be the best backup for your AI product

power bank

White House science adviser Michael Kratsios said in an article published in Wired magazine on Monday, "With proper leadership, artificial intelligence can make American workers from everyday. Liberation in work."

However, there are also concerns about the prospect of artificial intelligence replacing jobs. A 2018 study by PricewaterhouseCoopers shows that by the mid-1930s, 30% of jobs will face the potential threat of being replaced by automation. At the same time, the study found that by 2030, automation would increase global gross domestic product (GDP) by $15 trillion.

In May last year, the White House held a conference on artificial intelligence content with more than 30 major companies from different industries, such as Ford Motor Co, Boeing Co, Amazon and Microsoft, emphasizing that it would not hinder labor. Intelligent development.


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