20000mah power bank could get on the plane

If i take the power bank 20000mah or 10000mah best portable charger on the plane ,what will be happened ?

What kinds of powerbank is allowed to get on the plane ? I am glad to share some information with you


In this modern society ,smart mobile phone play the very important role ,we used it to do business ,chat with friends ,send message ,reply emails and the smart mobile phone is often no power ,so the power bank 20000mah help us to charge the mobile phone as best portable charger

When we get on the plane ,is it allowed to take the power bank 20000mah ?


According to the regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration,we must follow these regulations to carry on the power bank

  1. It is strictly prohibited to carry power bankin checked luggage, and can only be carried by yourself .
  2. It is strictly prohibited to carry power bank which is more than  160Wh (Watt-hour); if the power bank is more than 100Wh but less than 160Wh it must be approved by airlines and no more than 2 pcs power bank .
  3. it is strictly prohibited to carry the logo and data information which is not clear.
  4. it is strictly prohibited to use power bank during the flight.
  5. strictly prohibit the purpose of non personal use to carry power bank.

According to the formula of rated energy value:Rated energy (Wh) = rated voltage (V) × rated capacity (mAh) /1000

The 20,000 mAh power bank has a rated energy of 5V

5V x 20,000 mAh / 1000 = 100Wh, which meets the requirements and can be taken on the plane and 160Wh = 5V x 32000mAh / 1000, which means that if the power bank is less than 32000mah ,it is ok and allowed to carry it on the plane


Above regulation is from Civil Aviation Administration ,every airlines must be followed and the security will check the power bank carefully before getting on the plane ,everyone must be observed .also this regulation is same with international airlines


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