Portable charger - How About using powerbank to find girl friend

The truth story for how to use powerbank to find girl friend

First you need a full powerbank with Type -C cable or Lightning cable or Micro cable 

If you have all in one powerbank ,i am sure you could have big chance to meet girls

ALL IN ONE Portable charger is like this 

all in one powerbank

In this fast business society ,everyone has as least one mobile phone ,but most of them donot take the powerbank ,especially young girls 


One day i am on the way go home ,there is beautifull young lady get on the business ,she has no cash to buy the ticket ,i totally understand this situation ,because no one take too much cash in the wallet ,we could pay everything via our mobile phone ,but her mobile phone is power off 

How to pay the ticket is a real problem and i borrow her power bank ,but she told me ,really appreciated it ,but she doesnot take the charging cable ,wow..... it dosenot matter ,my powerbank has 3 types cables ,it could charge any mobile phone ,at this time i feel i am the one of the powerfull man in the bus


finally i used all in one powerbank to helpe her to charge the mobile phone and to buy the ticket 

Do you think it is the ending ,no ,of course not ,but i think we could know what is happened next 


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