Please don't bring this to the airport

It is not allowed to bring this to the airport

HELOIDEO is one of professional power bank factory, let me share one story with you

There is no doubt that airplanes have completely revolutionized the transportation industry, becoming the fastest means of traveling places not only domestically but across borders and oceans. With such convenience, however, comes a lot more security to ensure everyone's safety inside the airport as well as in the air. that's why security check-in is essential.

As millions of people travel through these gates, officers have seen their fair share of very interesting things through x-rays and inspections

Security staff at the Shenzhen airport recently apprehended a prankster who thought he could make it past their checkpoint with a lighter in his mouth.

When he was asked to open his mouth for further examination, he finally gave in and handed over the lighter he had been hiding in his mouth in accordance with airport security regulations.

Airport security is no joke, as the safety of thousands of others depends on it. therefore, it is crucial that everyone takes time to check their luggage and makes sure not to bring any prohibited items with them, including lighters and matches.

But our power bank is allowed to take on the plane, even it is 20000mah power bank

power bank

power bank

Also, it is the first power bank with extendable charging cable worldwide, 

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