power bank also support fast charging,even faster than Xiaomi

HELOIDEO power bank is PD power bank and supports fast charging

Xiaomi 9 used 27W fast charge this time, which is faster than the previous 18W fast charge, but this technology is still not enough to compare with other fast charging programs, because there is a lot of fast charge of 40W and above. Last night, Xiaomi suddenly took out the 100W power Super Charge Turbo super fast charging technology, compared with OPPO's 50W super flash charging technology

HELOIDEO has the 45W power bank and total output is 79.5W 

power bank

power bank

Xiaomi's super fast charging technology has been screened on Weibo and other platforms since it was unveiled last night. Xiaomi's "black technology" suddenly excited the rice noodles and brushed the screen. Xiaomi's opponent in the 100W fast charge comparison is OPPO's 50W Super VOOC super flash charging technology. Of course, choosing OPPO as an opponent is not necessarily a prejudice against OPPO. It is likely that OPPO's 50W super flash charging technology is the current amount. The highest power in production technology, Huawei, Vivo fast charge is only 40W, 44W power.

In the field of fast charging, OPPO is one of the earliest follow-ups among domestic manufacturers. Shen Yiren is also said to be the trader of OPPO's slogan “Charging 5 minutes for 2 hours”. This marketing plan is responsible for him. OPPO's VOOC flash charging solution is a low-voltage and high-current route. In addition to the standard version, there is Super VOOC super flash charging with a power of 50W. According to the OPPO, in the SuperVOOC super flash system, OPPO used the 3C battery and VFC fast charging algorithm for the first time. 3C battery current carrying capacity increased by 100%, quality is excellent, and the safety factor is improved; VFC algorithm improves trickle charging, trickle charging speed is increased by 200%, and the last 10% charging time is greatly shortened, realizing "no difference" flash Fill the experience

I think HELOIDEO power bank factory could offer the PD power bank and fast charging power bank, it is really your best option to buy the power bank 

power bank

power bank


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