power bank 20000mah is necessary to buy or not

Do you have a power bank 20000mah?

HELOIDEO company as power bank factory launched a new power bank 20000mah and it is not only a huge capacity of power bank, but it also has PD18W and QC 3.0 Quick charging function 

power bank 20000mah

Let me list the function for this power bank 20000mah and it is the first powerbank with extendable charging cable worldwide.

Large Capacity power bank 20000mah

PD18W and QC3.0 Quick charge function

Type-C input and output

US standard AC plug could charge the power bank from the wall charger

Built-in Lightning cable and Type-C cable 

Would you like to buy this power bank 20000mah? 

It is worth to have the power bank 20000mah


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