portable charger play the role in the enlighten story

Everyone needs a portable charger

Let me share a enlighten story before introducing the ALL IN ONE portable charger.

The smart men always found something in small stories

The wisdom stories have the power to surface a lot of emotions

I am glad to bring you this enlightening story that will be sure to brighten up your day


A very rich boss asked one of the masters: I am very busy to earn more money in my life, how much should I earn before I stop

Master placed a bowl on the table and filled it with water

The water filled the table and he continued to pour until the pot was empty

The master asked do you understand? What have you seen?


The rich boss said I don't understand what that means

Master said the whole pot of water is the money you make in your life and the capacity of the bowl is the money you need to spend in your life, making more money than you need will only overflow, it is unable to retain

Life is like a container there is only so much we can have that will satisfy our basic needs

Happiness comes from the little things not the extravagance of many

portable charger

Such as your mobile phone is 3000mah you really don't need to buy the 30000mah portable charger, what you need is just all in one portable charger which is ultra slim and portable and enough to charge your mobile phone 1time or 2 times


HELOIDEO company offer you this 10000mah all in one portable charger

portable charger


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