MFI Power banks, do you have it ?

MFI Portable Charger Power bank, do you have it?

What's MFI?

MFI certification is an identification license for Apple's authorized accessories manufacturers to produce external accessories. It is the abbreviation of Apple's Made for iPhone Made for iPod Made for iPad.

MFI logo

MFI  Power Bank Testing Process


MFI Scopes

The accessories that Apple sells are:

30pin connector. lightning connector, Authentication coprocessors, headphones, iWatch wireless charging module.


MFI Certification Technology (products as an example)

  1. Lighting and 30-pin connectors
  2. Homekit accessory protocol (HAP)
  3. Authentication coprocessors
  4. iPod Accessory Protocol (iAP), the Protocol used to communicate with iPhone,iPad, and iPod
  5. AirPlay audio technology
  6. Wireless Accessory Configuration9WAC) feature
  7. Headphone Remote and Mic feature
  8. Lightning Communication modulesLAM
  9. CarPlay technology
  10. MFI Game Controller technology
  11. MFI Hearing Aid technology and so on.


MFI certified factory is a member of Apple Inc. which an authorized company can print the MFI logo on product and packaging, and buy the Apple accessories from the agent of Apple.  

MFI power bank can help you win much more profit and Enhance corporate brand image and product value.

Heloideo is the MFI member which passed the MFI factory audit.

below is the MFI certified Power Bank you can buy: what's the Power bank price with MFI? 

 learn more details about the mfi power bank charger for mobile, please click below pictures or contact 

1. 5000mah Portable charger with AC outlet, Build in lighting charging cable and USB A type cable.

MFI portable charger ,MFI power bank

2. 15000mah Heloideo usb Power bank with AC outlet , Power bank Portable charger with lighting cable 



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