iphone power bank is fast charging power bank or not?

What is iphone power bank

iPhone 9 has the fast charging function, so it needs fast charging the power bank.

What is the fast charge power bank?

Why some of the people prefer the iphone power bank?

If the iphone power bank could damage your battery of mobile phone?

iphone power bank

Fast charge power bank means this power bank could take very short time to charge your mobile phone from 0% -50% .for example, the basic power bank could take 2 hours to charge your mobile phone from 0% - 50% and fast charger power bank only take 30minutes 

lots of people prefer the fast charge power bank because it could save your charging time and another reason is iphone 9 support this fast charge function 

The 3 company have fast charge solution 

Qualcomm --- Quick charge

OPPO        --- VOOC charge

MediaTek  --- Pump Express 


Some of the end-user worried about if the fast charge could damage the battery 

Technically when you charge the battery, it could damage it no matter used basic charging way or fast charging, but according to the battery inspection standard, the capacity is more than 80% after 500 times charging and discharging, it is ok for using the mobile phone more than 1 year 



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