How to choose power bank for your phone and tablet?(1)

The Ultimate Buying Guide to Mobile Power Bank Designed for Use on the Go.

Power Bank comes with different names, battery packs, portable chargers, fuel banks, pocket power cells and back-up charging devices to name just few. But whatever you call them, they all do the same thing: CHARGE YOUR PHONE OR TABLET WITHOUT NEEDING A POWER OUTLET.

Power Bank, comes in all shapes and sizes, smaller sizes for an essential smartphone boost in your pocket, or bigger sizes for multiple charges or to charge a tablet.

Meanwhile, you’ll notice some power banks with cables included, or some with multiple ports to charge more than one device at a time.


Q1: Why to choose power bank for your phone and tablet?

Mobile Devices like smartphones and tablets make life so much easier. That is, until they run out of battery power when there’s nowhere to plug in.

Q2: What you will benefit while choosing a perfect power bank for your phone?

Well, a lightweight power bank you can carry anywhere. Simply charge it up at home, throw it in your bag or your pocket, and connect it to your phone whenever it needs a quick battery boost. You’ll never suffer from “low battery anxiety” again.

 Q3: How to choose power bank for your phone/tablet?

How to choose power bank for your phone and tablet? Surely, it could be easy for you as you could just follow these tips below one by one; while it would be a little hard as you have to read and check the tips carefully, covering up to eight aspects in total, the size/capacity of power bank, power output, number of USB ports, cables included, power input, safety, quality and certification.

 Let’s start by choosing the size of your power bank.

This is not about which one will fit in your pocket or your purse. The size of the battery is about the power inside. Most power banks will feature a number on the front that tells you the number of mAh or “milliamp-hour”.

Common sizes range from 2,000mAh up to 10,000mAh or even 26,000mAh. Bigger numbers mean more power and more recharges for your smartphone, or charging for bigger devices that need more power, like a tablet.

We’ve used smartphones and tablets to compare battery sizes, but most power banks will charge any device that charges via USB, such as a GoPro camera, Kindle reader or Bluetooth headset. Bigger devices that draw more power will need bigger batteries – more mAh – to charge them fully.


Then, we should consider POWER OUTPUT, a key point that’s to ensure fast charging for your phone/tablet.

Technically the standard USB port on your power bank will fit any standard USB cable. However, the amount of power it can provide may vary.

Question: How many times can a Power Bank 20,000mAh fully charge your phone?


 Thirdly, it falls on NUMBER OF USB PORTS, a mattter of how many devices you need to charge.

Generally, bigger batteries with more mAh, sometimes have more than one USB port. If so, that can be useful to charge two smartphones at the same time – maybe to give a battery boost to a friend.

Or you can charge your smartphone and your GoPro at the same time.

Or your smartphone and your Bluetooth headset.

Or even a smartphone and a tablet, if you choose a battery with enough mAh to provide all that power.

With multiple ports, simultaneous charging is super-easy.

To be continued.


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