How to choose a safe power bank for yourself

Power bank need  to give to people a sense of security

In February of this year, a flight from Guangzhou to Shanghai caught fire in the charging compartment of the baggage compartment when passengers boarded the plane. The disposal did not cause serious damage in time.

Therefore, the quality and safety of the power bank are very important, and the appearance looks good and safe, but it is never recommended!


According to the standard requirements of the power bank, the outer shell of the power bank should have the flame retardant ability to reach the specified flame retardant level. The metal casing itself is not flammable and can function as a radiator in the structure, but the metal casing has a large weight and a poor grip in winter; the plastic casing with a flame retardant also has the corresponding ability, So we choose a plastic case.

safe power bank

Risk of overcharging: Lithium battery charging for a long time may cause an internal short circuit of the battery, causing the battery to bulge or explode.

In order to prevent this problem from happening, our power bank will add a protection circuit to the battery. When the charging voltage is greater than the specified value, the charging circuit will be disconnected.


Safe use of power bank is also crucial

Avoid high-temperature environment: When you are not using it, you should keep it in a cool and dry environment. Especially when charging, you should avoid charging in direct sunlight and high-temperature environment. If you find that the charging temperature is high during the charging process, it is hot. Should cut off the power immediately, people should stay away from the power bank.

using power bank safety

Beware of the internal short circuit of the power bank: When the power bank is in contact with metal objects such as keys, nail clippers, U disk, etc., it is likely to cause an internal short circuit of the power bank, so be sure to pay attention to avoid contact with metal objects.

Avoid humid environment: Some people like to take a bath while charging or use it in a humid environment in the wild, which not only reduces the service life of the power bank but also causes a short circuit when the water is wet or wet at the output end.


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