battery bank,the most important part battery?

Which part is most important when you choose a battery bank?

As you know there are lots of battery banks and battery bank factory in the market and some of the consumers only consider the capacity of the battery bank.

Is it the only thing we should pay more attention to? let me share some information about battery bank 

Battery bank named power bank or mobile charger, it consists of the battery, the case, and pcba

Also, the battery bank function is very important, such as if it has an AC plug and built-in cables

battery bank

I really like this battery bank, it is 10000mah, the capacity is enough for personal use and it has an AC plug with built-in cables, it is very convenient to use it 

The battery is one important part of the battery bank and pcba is another important part 

If the pcba is not good even you used the best quality battery is nothing, it likes a team, if one part has a problem and the whole team will have a problem.

I will share the information about how to choose the battery bank later.


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