18650 power bank is different with polymer powerbank

What is different between 18650 power bank and polymer powerbank?

when we choose the power bank mobile charger, we always ignore what kinds of battery inside, is it 18650 power bank or polymer battery power bank, and lots of the consumer go online to check the power bank mobile charger, the information will generally know that there are two kinds of battery inside ,one is named 18650 power bank and another is polymer power bank mobile charger, which one is better and safer ,we are here to give you a simple explanation

18650 power bank


The configuration of smartphones is getting higher and higher and it needs more and more power to support smartphones to run, some mobile phone batteries such as iPhone are not replaceable, in the case of no power ,only 18650 power bank or power bank mobile charger is useful ,what is why the power bank is hot selling in the market

18650 power bank


When many consumers choose mobile power, their attention is only on the appearance, capacity, and price. It is often difficult to understand the internal conditions of the mobile power supply. Today we will introduce you to the power bank, starting with the battery of the power supply.


What is 18650 power bank? It used 18650 battery inside

18650 battery, which refers to the battery diameter of 18mm, the length of 65mm, the cylindrical battery, like the international big companies Sanyo, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, etc. have this business, and there are many domestic manufacturers in the production and sales of 18650

The most of power bank used 18650 batteries, in order to decrease the cost,  the power bank factory always purchased the battery from the domestic battery factory

18650 power bank



Lithium polymer batteries, the raw materials are generally mixed with lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganate, and ternary lithium. The outer packaging is mainly made of aluminum plastic film. The lithium material in the middle is the paste, so the shape can be customized, such as 0.25mm ultrathin batteries, so the power bank with polymer batteries can be designed to be more flexible in appearance. for example, some ultra-thin power bank is made of polymer batteries

18650 power bank


From the battery, the polymer battery is safer than 18650 battery, but it does not mean polymer power bank is safer than 18650 power bank,

because pcba Printed Circuit Board +Assembly is another important part of power bank, The board is mainly used to implement voltage, current control, input and output control, and other various functions.

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