What do you considering when you buy power banks ?

What do you considering when you buy power banks?

Are you still confused to how to choose the best power bank for using or selling? 

if like me, you're constantly low on battery – and then you may be in need of a power bank or portable charger to keep your phones, tablets and other devices up and running on the go

But which one is best?  would you also think all power banks are the same? We'll help ensure you're not wasting your money on inferior portable chargers, and explain what features to look out for in our guide to the best power banks you can buy in 2018.

the capacity of the power bank is not the only consideration, Versatility is also worth considering – for example, can you use the charger for multiple devices?  is it compatible with different devices? Does it offer pass-through charging (which means you can charge the bank itself without other accessories such as charging cable or wall adapter while using it to charge a connected device)?

here recommend you the best power banks all in one power banks below, you do not need extra charging cable or wall adapter to charge.  

Heloideo 5000mAh AC plug Portable Charger with iPhone /type C/micro USB charging cables for iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung and other Lightning or USB-C Devices Type C+Lightning 

power bank with Type C and lighting cable PB085E

This power bank built-in AC plug and USB charging cable, just plug it into the AC socket directly it starts to recharge itself immediately. This is all functions integrated power bank which brings more convenience for its user. and the super slim size is really light and portable for travel.

are you worried if my phone is not suited for these cables?  do not worry, it also has the 2 USB port can charge your smartphones too, also you can choose the right cables which meet your need in power banks. Flexible cable design makes you can choose what 2 cables connector you need. 

power bank built in AC PLUG


only 2 cables, Would you think this is enough?  Are you still need one extra cable  (not built in this power banks ) for your family members too, right?   

  Here are new unexpected design with all cables your devices need is coming.  3 cables ( Lighting / Android / USB C cable , and also have AC outlet inside too.  this is the first design with all in one power banks in the world, for sure, maybe later it will have the copy one coming. 

heloideo factory power bank

With its high efficiency, premium design, is it hard to beat, right ? of course, this is the best selling power bank in power bank supplier.

Pick up one or two of these, throw them in your bag and suitcase, and forget having to worry about running out of battery power while on the road. what's more, it has different colors for you choose.