How to choose and use the power bank battery correctly ?

power bank battery-How to choose and use the power bank correctly

When the iphone6 Plus can not increase the screen to 5.7 inches, people are enjoying the pleasure of the big screen mobile phone while also worrying about the battery that consumes faster.In order to solve this problem, power bank battery has become an indispensable part of people.


However, many people have recently reported that their mobile phone battery standby time is getting shorter after using the power bank battery.Is this caused by power bank battery? When choosing a power bank battery, what should you pay attention to?


After investigation, it was found that when using electronic products, battery loss is normal.The power bank battery and the replenisher are very similar in at least two aspects:

  1. Both input power to the mobile phone;
  2. Both need to stabilize the output voltage at 4V-5V, thereby ensuring that the mobile phone battery will not be damaged by unstable voltage.

power bank battery


How to choose a good power bank battery?

  1. In the same environment, full of the same amount of electricity (such as from 50% to 100%), the time-consuming power bank battery is better than the long-time power bank battery
  2. In the same environment, full of the same amount of electricity (such as from 50% to 100%),p
  1. oor quality of power bank battery will be with higher case temperature


power bank battery


In addition, in addition to the quality of the power bank battery itself, many people use the mobile phone while using the power bank battery. The process of discharging while charging will also cause damage to the battery of the mobile phone.


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