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The Wall Street Journal said that the Fed’s top decision-makers are seriously considering maintaining a larger balance sheet instead of stopping the use of expired bonds for reinvestment as originally stated; this means that the Fed is considering ending early. Quantify austerity policies.

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According to recent public comments and interviews by officials, they are still addressing strategic details and how to communicate with the public. Since the current interest rate is not raised, the two-day policy meeting of the Federal Reserve's Federal Open Market Committee next week may focus on the bond portfolio plan.

In June 2017, the Fed meeting announced a plan to reduce the contract. It is expected to start with an initial reduction of US$6 billion in monthly debt and US$4 billion in MBS from October of the same year. The scale of contraction will increase every three months until it reaches a monthly reduction of 300. Billions of US dollar bonds, 20 billion US dollars MBS. Today, the contract has been carried out for more than a year, and the Fed began its nine-time rate hike in the current round of interest rate hike in December 2015. In recent months, with the turmoil in the US and global markets, the opposition from the White House to Wall Street against the Fed’s interest rate hikes and shrinking tables has been growing. The market is more concerned about the trend of the Fed tightening monetary policy.

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Whether Powell will present a similar view at a press conference after the next week's meeting will depend on the dialogue during the meeting. According to the Wall Street Journal, internal debates about the appropriate size of the balance sheet focus on the necessary reserve levels in the banking system. Some believe that holding large reserves will help the Fed to better control the volatility of the short-term credit market. .

Affected by the Fed’s possible end of the contraction, the US dollar index fell across the board. The euro rose more than 100 points against the US dollar, refreshing the high point since January 16 to 1.1414. The pound rose nearly 1% against the US dollar, the highest since October 17 last year. To 1.3191; commodity currencies, the Australian dollar and the New Zealand dollar, rose more than 1%.

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